If you do not have proper trekking ear, worry not. A trek in Himalayas that is open all year round? Not really, but here we finally talk about the spectacular views that this trek offers. Day 1 – Reach Dehradun in the morning; take a cab to Pantwari, from Pantwari drive on the dirt road which is quite motor-able for 3 Kms to a point from where the first camping site is just an hour away. After 2 hours of walk through the forest you reach the camping site. Popular perception is that it’s a 2 day trek which is fine if you are in a rush. Carry your essentials like your basic toiletries along with an extra footwear. Nag Tibba from Delhi is only 3 days hike which makes it a perfect winter hike nearby. Nag tibba trek start from Pantwari village. Camp Day 2: Trek to Nagtibba top and return to Pantwari – 7/8 hours, 14 Km. Views start to open up only in the last one hour of the trek before the summit. You can also indulge in bonfire and other activities to … A short trek but also quite popular. Even if you spend an hour only at summit you can hardly make it to Pantwari before sunset. Himachal Similarly, it is one of the best winter treks in Uttarakhand where you can also enjoy the view of the snowy peak. Day 1 – Start early morning from Dehradun say around 5:00 AM, as last Volvo from Delhi reaches Dehradun at around the same time. You just cannot go wrong with this choice. Mussoorie is 22 km from Dehradun and Kempty falls another 17 km ahead. It was a 1 day long trekking from pantwadi it is 3,3 1/2 hrs trek to the base camp. Are you not able to pull of your plans with your friends? A Great Trek. Let’s explore the more rewarding side of this trek which is often missed. Nag Tibba (Serpent’s Peak) 9,914 ft, is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan region of Garhwal Division, Uttarakhand.It gives a name to the Nag Tibba Range, which is one of the three ranges of Lesser Himalayas, the other ranges are … We also do not recommend skipping meals while trekking. Nag Tibba Trek can be done throughout the winter season when most of the treks in higher Himalayan ranges are closed. With beautiful meadows and thick jungles along the trail, it offers numerous scenic camping locations and can be customized on the basis the fitness levels. Music, soup and cold weather brings every one together. Nag tibba is the highest peak of the lesser Himalayas making its temperature quite bearable all year round. 5km explore some time and back to camp night stay in camp GET QUOTE Day 3 : Naag Tibba Base to Pantwari Market Nag Tibba trek demands around 2 days in order to complete the trek. All you need for a small trek is good shoes and a warm jacket. If you are travelling from Delhi to Nag tibba take an overnight bus/train till Dehradun. The snow covered trail through this thick forest is simply stunning.Since this trail is not often used in winter it looks so fresh and clean. Day 2 :- Camp 1 to Nag Tibba top and return to Pantwari Village and drive to Dehradun • Altitude 9,910 Ft • Camp 1 to Nag Tibba top 4 Km, 3 hrs • Start trek at 5:00 am (early breakfast) • No water point on the way • Stay on top for half an hour • Lunch at camp 1 by 12 noon • Reach Pantwari village by 3:00 pm posted on Jan. 04, 2021 at 8:26 am. You can also climb stairs, which will prepare your knees beforehand to intake the strain. From the busy schedule of day to day life, it is hard to take out 6-7 days time to seek adventure and that is why the ‘Nag Tibba Trek’ in Uttarakhand region is an ideal weekend trekking gateway. Popular perception is that it’s a 2 day trek which is fine if you are in a rush. We have seen so many friendships and memories weave in this place just within 2 days. If you do not like eating meals outside, you can carry healthy snacks like fruits, energy bars and other healthy products. Nag Tibba- 2-3 days trek in Himalayas. Explore the region and take in the picturesque views as you trek to the summit on steep slopes. On the first day, camping at Nag Tibba Temple will be done amidst the wilderness after an approximately 8 km trek. I was on this trek on this weekend (19-12-2020) . Nag Tibba Trek; Nun Peak Expedition; Panchachuli Base Camp Trek; Panchkedar Trek; Pangarchulla Peak Trek; Pin Bhaba Pass Trek; Pin Parvati Pass Trek; Pindari Glacier Trek; Roopkund Trek The day starts with a steep trek to the summit of Nag Tibba. The next day we again started descending from base camp to Pantwari village which took about 2 hrs. P.S: Do not forget to carry a binocular! It is one of the shortest Himalayan treks in the country. From here you catch a cab and reach Dehradun late in the night. You can see Nanda Devi, Bandar-poonchand many more peaks of Higher Himalayas from here. A 1N/2D trek, it is the perfect weekend trek. After breakfast, Shrikot to Nagtibba Base Camp by trek 6. The trek gives solo trekkers the space, the environment and the possibilities of pulling of a solo trek during any time of the year. All Rights Reserved. You should be at Nag Mandir at around 2:00 – 3:00 PM. Trek for the day finishes even before it starts (without great views). 09 Sept 2019; A trek in Himalayas that is open all year round? The next morning, we leave early from the base camp (post breakfast) and head towards the summit. Transport will be arranged from Dehradun Railway Station at 6.30 am. *Day 2:* Kathian to Nag Tibba top and back Kathian | Trek: 7 km *Day 3:* Kathian to Pantwari; Drive to Dehradun | Trek: 14 km + 4 h drive *Inclusions:* - Transport support from Dehradun to Dehradun: Starting from pickup on Day 1 to drop on Day 3 - All vegetarian meals starting from Lunch on day 1 to Lunch on day 3 - Guide and cook fees NAG TIBBA TREK – Weekend Destination With Breath-Taking Views. Swargarohini, Banderpoonch, etc. Image Source. Nag tibba trek offers the best time to solo trekkers. There we had snack and enjoyed sunset ??? Nag Tibba Trek entails that you follow the below-mentioned benchmarks that are a prerequisite of any mountain trek- Prepare yourself by jogging or running 3 km every day, for 30 minutes Do basic stretching exercises to condition your muscles such as stretching your neck, shoulders, arms, backs and legs. Or are you someone who enjoys a bit of an alone time away from the world. Enquire, Book, or Call us at +91 9001504000 now! Instead of camping at the edge of forest camp at Nag Mandir. We at Himalaya Shelter strive to provide you an amazing experience for your excusrions to the Himalayas. All refunds will be processed after a deducting a transaction fee of INR 200 per person. Yes! Given its easy level of challenge, anyone with a normal fitness can do this trek. Day 3 – Now this is a surprise package. You can spot some of the mighty Himalayan peaks of Uttarakhand. Eating healthy does not only help during the trek, but also during the longer run. It allows them to relax and unwind before leaving for Dehradun. You can run, do a few core exercises daily or swim. siddharth@banbanjara.com January 4, 2021 No comment. The trek is dotted with all the elements of Himalayas- raw village life, blossomed tress, untethered paths and everything else in between. All fields are required. There is signal available till the campsite connecting the trek to the mainland during emergencies. Fret not, for Nag tibba won't take too much of your time. ?. Once you reach the summit it will take your breath away. We reach Dehradun by evening and leave for our respective homes. Experienced trekkers can do it in 30 mins. One moment you were walking on the fresh and supple snow the other moment your are on a jungle trail- green n white to green as far as you can see.The view of the valley below is simply stunning; it can be a great site for paragliding. Why Nag Tibba Trek Should Be Done In 3 Days. The trail makes you feel so happy at the end of the day that you will be thanking yourself for the extra day you gave yourself. Rules on trip. This fee is charged by The Great Next. Nag tibba trek is the best trekking place in India to experience trekking trail with the fantastic view around. So if you need any help, you can always find someone till the base camp. But if you are ready to invest just 1 more day returns outweighs the investment by a fat margin. And Nag tibba trek is one of the best treks for beginners. Pankaj is a crazy adventurer and a certified Pilot who has always wanted to fly free. Do not carry excess baggage. Nag Tibba trek is a fairly moderate trek. You will reach summit by noon. © 2021 Bikat Adventures. Once you cross the hill to other side the landscape changes suddenly within a distance of few meters. Anyone with required physical fitness can summit the top. Nag Tibba Trek in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand is one of the best place for trekking & camping in winter time. Nag Tibba trek brief itinerary: Day 1: Drive to Pantwari from Dehradun via Mussoorie and Nainbagh – 3/4 hours – 100 Km and trek to Thath – 2/3 hours and 4 Km. Nag tibba is the highest peak of the lesser Himalayas making its temperature quite bearable all year round. Short Itinerary Nag Tibba trek. Spend some time at the summit and head back to Pantwari. Details Book Now. Are you someone who doesn’t get too many leave? We also recommend you to carry a small packet which can be used as a litter bag during the trek and while staying at the base camp. And when it comes to the winter treks in Himalayas, the Nag Tibba trek is the most suitable option.. Wholesome trek: Within the 2 days of trekking to Nag Tibba, hikers experience most the things that a much longer Himalayan trek has to offer – Rhododendron forests, ankle-deep snow, and amazing views of some of … For cancellations made less than 3 days before departure of the Nag Tibba trek: no refund. This trek is suitable for people of all age groups having reasonable fitness. Once you cross the barren stretch after an hour or so, you reach the forest area and it’s just amazing to walk through this forest trail. Duration : 3 Days Grade : Easy To Moderate Approx : 26 Km. As I mentioned earlier Nag Mandir is a camping site where nobody can feel bored. Nag Tibba treks near Dehradun and Mussorie, is one of the easy treks in Uttarakhand, India that is reachable so quickly and nag tibba trek offers impressive views of Himalayan mountain range 9528974447, 9411587566, 9411151817 With 1 hr. Can the list ever end?! Drive back to Dehradun. There you get freshen-up, have lunch in a hotel and then start your 4 KM long trek for Nag Tibba. Spend some time here and then trek back to the camping site by afternoon. Your safety comes above everything else. Within 3 hrs you can descend to Aunter and the descent is pretty gradual.Another good thing about this route is that it’s shorter by 30 kms from Dehradun compared to Pantwari,that saves you an hour. However, most trekkers prefer to stay in the camp overnight on the way back. Even if one starts trekking from Pantwari trail is devoid of views mostly through the step fields. All Meals, Guide, Stay, Fees Charges Included. Your guides have experience in such situations. Post monsoon months are considered as the best time to undertake this trek. Nag tibba base camp to Summit or nah tibba peak. * Your email address will not be published. Day 2 : Nag Tibba Base camp - Summit –and back to Base camp ( 3 Km to Summit, 3 Km Descent ) Your Trek to Nag tibba begins early in the morning. Day 2 : Camp 1/Khatian (7,627 ft) to Nag Tibba Top (9,915 ft) via Nag Tibba Base (8,530 ft); descend to Bhatwadi, 5-6 hours. Eat healthy; avoid smoking and drinking. We offer services to organize trekking in remotest corners of the Himalayas in India. On the way you are going to cross a temple and reach the summit within 3-4 hours. It is always better, something which we 100% recommend, to start exercising a week before the trek begins. On reaching the summit, you will find a Trishul laid between a circular arrangement of stones. Day 1: Pickup to you from Dehradun to Pantwari by taxi , 90 km (4/5 Hours) same day trek to Khatiyan (4km) (2/3 Hours) Day 2: Trek from Khathiyan to Nag Tibba Summit via Nag Tibba Base Camp (Nag Tibba temple) and return to Pantwari; Drive to Dehradun (4/5 Hours. Also the naag tiba trek was good although there is no such good scenic view at the summit but as a trekking enthusiast I loved the stuggle to climb to the nag tibba summit. Nag tibba is a famous trek destination for many people. The short distance, coupled with a maximum altitude of 9,914 ft above MSL, makes the Nag Tibba trek ideal for beginners. Filter by Custom Post Type. In case of no show: no refund. Proximity to Delhi is one of them, with overnight journey to Dehradun and another 3-4 hrs drive takes you to Pantwari (80 Kms from Dehradun) the base of Nag Tibba trek. Altitude : 9,650 Ft. Follow the route specified by your leader and do not divert from the path. 5km 8600mtr after lunch going to Nagtibba summit 1. A 3-day trek requires nothing more a jacket, two t-shirts and a pair of trekking trousers. You heard it right. Proximity to Delhi is one of them, with overnight journey to Dehradun and another 3-4 hrs drive takes you to Pantwari (80 Kms from Dehradun) the base of Nag Tibba trek. Visit us for booking you slot & know the package, weather, route & every details. Start from Nag Mandir at around 9:00 AM. Nag Tibba is an all year round trek, known best for beginner’s. View of Higher Himalyan Ranges, amazing sun-set and above all you feel totally secluded as those village lights are not visible from here which are visible from the other camping site. Also the problem with reaching the summit in the afternoon is that it becomes hazy and it’s difficult to have a good view of higher Himalayas including Nanda Devi. On the first day, we trek from Pantwari till the base camp via goat village. The Nag Tibba trek offers many captivating views till you reach the Summit. Instead of trekking back to Pantwari we will get to other side of mountain to Aunter which is a road head. We started in afternoon on day one to base camp, so it took approx 2.30-3 hour to reach to base camp. This trek is in two parts Pantwari to Nagtibba base camp ?? Camping in Nag Tibba is a wonderful year-round experience. Yes! An engineer by Read more. Today’s trek is mostly flat through the thickest ofRhododendron forest generally seen in Uttarakhand and the good part is that you are not struggling to catch a breath so you can enjoy the beauty strewn all around you. Drive to Dehradun – 3/4 hours, 100 Km or drive to Mussoorie – 2 hours and 55 Km. Day 3: Nag Tibba Base camp (Goat Village) to back to New Delhi Pantwari (Nag Tibba Trek starting point) to Dehradun The last day began with a yoga session by our trek leader Shailender and then followed by a scrumptious breakfast as we were served some delicious hot puris and subzi. Here are a few reasons why we are in love with this trek: It is always nice to meet people who are adding trekking in their lifestyle. Day 1 : Reach Panthwari; 2-3 hours drive from Dehradun. Trek from Panthwari ((4,642 ft)) to Camp 1/Khatian (7,627 ft). Nag Tibba Trek 2020: A Weekend You Will Never Forget! If you are planning for Nag Tibba Trek do contact Gambhir ji for same. Duration: 2 Night / 3 days stay in Chopta Every Weekend Departure Trip Inclusion Travel by luxury & Comfortable transport (Delhi-Chopta-Delhi) 2 Nights & 3 Days stay in Chopta Accommodation for 2 night in Swiss tent with attached washroom. Deoban Trek. 3. The views and the picturesque route make sure time flies by on the trail! It takes 3-4 hours of trek to there. We believe in helping our fellow trekkers have a safe journey throughout. We started the trek at 11:30 AM and reached the Nag Tibba temple by 6 PM and then returned to base camp on the same day. Filter by Tour Locations. You camp just before the forest area and the entire terrain is mostly barren. Nag Tibba Trek package is for two days starting from Dehradun after you arrive at the railway station or bus stand and from there, get a cab/bus for Pantwari. Day 2 – Start early trek to Nagtibba summit, it’s mostly steep uphill climb. All About Nag Tibba Trek. The trek to Nag Tibba starts from a tiny village called Pantwari. Beyond that you will spot nothing but peaks. His contact number is 9557644811. Trekking in Himalaya is always … The trek to Nag Tibba starts from a tiny village called Pantwari. The Nag Tibba trek covers a distance of 16 km over 2 days. Under the stars, over dinner, while trekking and over conversations by the bonfire; Nag tibba can help you build your personal trekking community! There are shepherds’ houses all along the way. Well, hear us! If you want to explore around, just consult your leader beforehand! Exercises prepare your muscles for the climb, making it easier later on. A proper meal during a trek makes a huge difference during the climb. Nag Tibba Trek Itinerary. So, it is not surprising at all how well people bond over here. A short itinerary of 2 days takes you to 10,000 ft, the Nag Tibba Jhandi and cleverly brings you much closer to nature. Trek to Nag Tibba is probably the finest weekend trek in the country. Nag Tibba has of late become a favorite trek for the winters and there are reasons for that. The Nag Tibba summit is situated 3 km from Nag Mandir. A very novice mistake that people make; they carry a huge amount of weight. break for breakfast you should be at the end of dirt road by 10:30. Are you looking to run away from your city for just 3 days? Day 2 – You start early today with packed lunch. 1.Start exercising a week before your departure. Important note: How to reach the famous base village Sankri. A 1N/2D trek, it is the perfect weekend trek. This does nothing but pulls the body down making it difficult for you to carry yourself and the weight. Cutting through Pantwari and goat village, Nag tibba is a 10 km trek that helps in giving the boost to your trekking journey. According to seasoned trekkers, it’s possible to complete Nag Tibba trek in one day. If you are tired, exhausted or in dire need of help, contact your leader immediately. From there on, local buses and cabs are available. This camping site has so much to offer. Day 2 : Nag Tibba Basecamp to Nag Tibba Summit and Nag Devta temple. are visible clearly most of the times. Nag Tibba Trek From Dehradun FLAT 14% off, Book at @ Rs 1,349 Now. The most fascinating thing that draws the attention of tourists is the presence of snow almost throughout the trail. Nag Tibba has of late become a favorite trek for the winters and there are reasons for that. Day 1 - Dehradun to Pantwari (1,400 m) to Kathian Campsite (2,265 m) We begin the day early from Dehradun so that we can avoid the traffic towards Mussoorie and Kempty falls. You heard it right. Let’s take a look at the most popular itinerary followed by most of us. It’ll take around 2 hrs from Nag Mandir to Nag Tibba summit. Which means you’ll be covering an average of 8 km over 6 hours on both days. You can dedicate a night and two days to this place and get done!

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