All of his wives and his lover Radha are considered in the Hindu tradition to be the avatars of the goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu. On the other hand, Rukmini and others are married to him. Their vegetarian thali is a good deal at $7:99 - i recommend south indian filter coffee after the meal to help with food digestion and to clear the food pipe :-). He faced every difficulty under the sun, but there was no place for sorrow in Sri Krishna’s presence. In the eventual war between the two, Krishna served as the charioteer of the Pandava Arjuna. Similarly, after dying from the hunter Jara's arrow, the Jaina texts state Krishna goes to the third hell in Jain cosmology, while his brother is said to go to the sixth heaven. [23] Krishna-related literature has inspired numerous performance arts such as Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Odissi, and Manipuri dance. God of Protection, Compassion, Tenderness and Love ; Krishna iconography appears in many versions across India. In other temples, the important Krishnalila episodes are depicted on large brick panels above the entrance arches or on the walls surrounding the entrance. [29] Since the 1960s, the worship of Krishna has also spread to the Western world and to Africa, largely due to the work of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Rupa Goswami of Gaudiya Vaishnavism has compiled a comprehensive summary of bhakti called Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu. Because I always use “sri” for Ramana and Nisargadatta, I’ve chosen that form here for Atmananda as well. A year later in 1966, after gaining many followers, he was able to form the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement. Their dosas are also good - not spectacular but it is decent. [8] The Bhagavata Purana in Book 11, chapter 31 states that after his death, Krishna returned to his transcendent abode directly because of his yogic concentration. These sub-traditions arose in the context of the medieval era Bhakti movement. Krishna is a Hindu God worshiped in a variety of different perspectives. [172][173], Across the various theologies and philosophies, the common theme presents Krishna as the essence and symbol of divine love, with human life and love as a reflection of the divine. [76][77], The ancient Sanskrit grammarian Patanjali in his Mahabhashya makes several references to Krishna and his associates found in later Indian texts. [145] A number of scholars, such as A. K. Bansal, B. V. Raman places Krishna's birth year as 3228 BCE. [241][242], Like the Jaina versions of the Krishna legends, the Buddhist versions such as one in Ghata Jataka follow the general outline of the story,[243] but are different from the Hindu versions as well. The larger of the two males hold a plough and club in his two hands. [46][48][49] The Heliodorus pillar site was fully excavated by archaeologists in the 1960s. These are dated to about the 7th and 8th century, from both the Funan and Zhenla periods archaeological sites. Krishna's life is presented as a cosmic play (Lila), where his youth is set as a princely life with his foster father Nanda portrayed as a king. In temples (candi) of the archaeological sites in hilly volcanic Java, Indonesia, temple reliefs do not portray his pastoral life or his role as the erotic lover, nor do the historic Javanese Hindu texts. [129][130], There are numerous versions of Krishna's life story, of which three are most studied: the Harivamsa, the Bhagavata Purana, and the Vishnu Purana. Even then, not once was his countenance clouded by sorrow. The programme will commence from January 16 and culminate on Jan 23. Clothing (Brand) New arrivals Pure Lenin jute floral prints allover sarees having with jacquard border Rich pallu [92][93] In this form, he is usually shown standing with one leg bent in front of the other in the Tribhanga posture. [61] Krishna is central to many of the main stories of the epic. [74], The Buddhist Pali canon and the Ghata-Jâtaka (No. [106], This summary is a mythological account, based on literary details from the Mahābhārata, the Harivamsa, the Bhagavata Purana, and the Vishnu Purana. 454) polemically mention the devotees of Vâsudeva and Baladeva. As the great Swami Chinmayananda often said, “With the Gita, Sri Krishna took the knowledge of the Upanishads down from the Himalayas and into the marketplace.” Here was a true handbook for life delivered by the Lord himself. [43][45] According to Bopearachchi, the headdress on top of the deity is actually a misrepresentation of a shaft with a half-moon parasol on top (chattra). [214][216] The mantra of the Upanishad thus helped bring Bhaktivedanta and ISKCON ideas about Krishna into the West. ABOUT; Contact us; Disclaimer; [112] The day of birth of Krishna is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami. [134] The Vishnu Purana manuscripts exist in many versions. His life was a model for people in days past, the modern world and surely for those in ages to come. [135], The tenth and eleventh books of the Bhagavata Purana are widely considered to be a poetic masterpiece, full of imagination and metaphors, with no relation to the realism of pastoral life found in the Harivamsa. Theirs was the highest love—a love to inspire mankind forward on the path to God. [115]:253–261, Krishna legends then describe his return to Mathura. [60], The earliest text containing detailed descriptions of Krishna as a personality is the epic Mahabharata, which depicts Krishna as an incarnation of Vishnu. i use to play harmonium in college and kirtan is done daily so i want to know more hare krishna kirtna chords . In his presence they tasted the bliss of the Self. According to Jeffery D. Long, a professor of religion known for his publications on Jainism, this connection between Krishna and Neminatha has been a historic reason for Jains to accept, read, and cite the Bhagavad Gita as a spiritually important text, celebrate Krishna-related festivals, and intermingle with Hindus as spiritual cousins. The devotional fervour Krishna created in the gopis is perhaps best exemplified by the rasa-leela dance, wherein each of hundreds of gopis perceived the eight-year-old Krishna to be dancing with them alone. Create New Account. Important Notes No details found. [231] Krisnattam (Krishnattam) traces its origins to Krishna legends, and is linked to another major classical Indian dance form called Kathakali. [229], Krishna-related literature such as the Bhagavata Purana accords a metaphysical significance to the performances and treats them as a religious ritual, infusing daily life with spiritual meaning, thus representing a good, honest, happy life. He took birth with a smile on his face, lived with a smile, and left his body with a smile. [32], As a name of Vishnu, Krishna is listed as the 57th name in the Vishnu Sahasranama. See more of International Sri Krishna Mandir Singapore on Facebook. [31] The waning moon is called Krishna Paksha, relating to the adjective meaning "darkening". March 17, 2010 at 6:21 am. [236] For example, Krishna loses battles in the Jain versions, and his gopis and his clan of Yadavas die in a fire created by an ascetic named Dvaipayana. It is a form of bhakti yoga, one of three types of yoga discussed by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. The Alvar Andal's popular collection of songs Tiruppavai, in which she conceives of herself as a gopi, is the most famous of the oldest works in this genre.[202][203][204]. [50][51] The Heliodorus pillar inscriptions and the temple are among the earliest known evidence of Krishna-Vasudeva devotion and Vaishnavism in ancient India. [96][97], Alternate icons of Krishna show him as a baby (Bala Krishna, the child Krishna), a toddler crawling on his hands and knees, a dancing child, or an innocent-looking child playfully stealing or consuming butter (Makkan Chor),[63] holding Laddu in his hand (Laddu Gopal)[98][99] or as a cosmic infant sucking his toe while floating on a banyan leaf during the Pralaya (the cosmic dissolution) observed by sage Markandeya. Sri Krishna, being a great spiritual leader of his time, also chose to perform certain worldly activities. Trésor de monnaies indiennes et indo-grecques d'Aï Khanoum (Afghanistan). The honorary title "Sri" (also spelled "Shri") is often used before the name of Krishna. 1 2 Page 1 of 2. He is shown as a charioteer, notably when he is addressing the Pandava prince Arjuna character, symbolically reflecting the events that led to the Bhagavad Gita – a scripture of Hinduism. “A true leader always leads by example, by demonstrating to others how the work is done. In an effort to offer a fuller body of work, we offer articles (downloadable PDFs) about Sri Atmananda, e.g., “Some Teachings from Sri Atmananda (Krishna Menon)“, “Notes … ॐ | terms of use | sitemap | contact | eServices, Amrita Hospital joins hands with Government to begin COVID-19 vaccinations, Make a spring season blossom all around us, Seek, and you will find. [12][123], According to the epic poem Mahabharata, Krishna becomes Arjuna's charioteer for the Kurukshetra War, but on the condition that he personally will not raise any weapon. Krishna, in fact, took birth in a prison cell. Alanna Kaivalya (2014), Sacred Sound: Discovering the Myth and Meaning of Mantra and Kirtan, New World. The legends of Krishna's childhood and youth describe him as a cow herder, a mischievous boy whose pranks earn him the nickname Makhan Chor (butter thief), and a protector who steals the hearts of the people in both Gokul and Vrindavana. It is the Gita that stands as Krishna’s most important gift to the world. Krishna plays his flute and the gopis come immediately, from whatever they were doing, to the banks of the Yamuna River and join him in singing and dancing. Krishna (/ ˈ k r ɪ ʃ n ə /; Sanskrit: कृष्ण, Kṛṣṇa in IAST, pronounced [ˈkɽɪʂɳɐ] ()) is a Hindu deity worshipped across many traditions of Hinduism in a variety of different perspectives.He is arguably one of the most enigmatic figures in prehistory and mythology. The Swamiyar used to reject all those sloka that did not get His approval. Maurice Winternitz (1981), History of Indian Literature, Vol. [105], Krishna iconography forms an important element in the figural sculpture on 17th-19th century terracotta temples of Bengal. [179] Though only a part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, it has functioned as an independent spiritual guide. Singing, dancing, and performing any part of Krishna Lila is an act of remembering the dharma in the text, as a form of para bhakti (supreme devotion). [124][125][126], It is stated in the Indian texts that the legendary Kurukshetra War leads to the death of all the hundred sons of Gandhari. [43][44] The deities displayed on the coins appear to be Saṃkarṣaṇa-Balarama with attributes consisting of the Gada mace and the plow, and Vāsudeva-Krishna with attributes of the Shankha (conch) and the Sudarshana Chakra wheel. The Bhagavata Purana, a popular text on Krishna considered to be like scripture in Assam, synthesizes an Advaita, Samkhya, and Yoga framework for Krishna but one that proceeds through loving devotion to Krishna. For example, a large number of sculptures and icons have been found in the Si Thep and Klangnai sites in the Phetchabun region of northern Thailand. [253][254][255] Ghulam Ahmad stated that he was himself a prophet in the likeness of prophets such as Krishna, Jesus, and Muhammad,[256] who had come to earth as a latter-day reviver of religion and morality. Jun 13, 2018 - Shri Krishna Bhajans. Alternatively, he is shown as a romantic young boy with the gopis (milkmaids), often making music or playing pranks. [194] Thereafter, there was an amalgamation of various similar traditions. Later, when Alexander the Great launched his campaign in the northwest Indian subcontinent, his associates recalled that the soldiers of Porus were carrying an image of Herakles. These metaphor-filled love stories are known as the Rasa lila and were romanticized in the poetry of Jayadeva, author of the Gita Govinda. Amma says, “The rasa-leela did not take place on the ordinary plane of the senses, the way people today interpret it. Thank you. While Sheridan and Pintchman both affirm Bryant's view, the latter adds that the Vedantic view emphasized in the Bhagavata is non-dualist with a difference. Srikrishna Committee on Telangana or the Committee for Consultations on the Situation in Andhra Pradesh (CCSAP) is a committee headed by former chief justice B. N. Srikrishna to look into the demand for separate statehood for Telangana or keep the State united in the present form, Andhra Pradesh. Their theologies are generally centered either on Vishnu or an avatar such as Krishna as supreme. 3. [133] Differing in some details, the fifth book of the Vishnu Purana moves away from Harivamsa realism and embeds Krishna in mystical terms and eulogies. [220] Rather, either his childhood or the life as a king and Arjuna's companion have been more favored. [24][25] He is a pan-Hindu god, but is particularly revered in some locations such as Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, Dwarka and Junagadh in Gujarat; the Jagannatha aspect in Odisha, Mayapur in West Bengal;[26] in the form of Vithoba in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, Shrinathji at Nathdwara in Rajasthan,[27] Udupi Krishna in Karnataka,[28] Parthasarathy in Tamil Nadu and Guruvayoorappan in Guruvayoor in Kerala. Shrikrsnakirtan is a lyrical composition involving Radha and Krishna; its storyline is not based on the Bhagavata Purana, but the popular erotic folk-songs, known as the dhamalis. Based on his name, Krishna is often depicted in idols as black- or blue-skinned. 0 ... [PDF] Sri Krishna Institute Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) Handwritten Classroom Notes... 20. To remember Krishna at any time and in any art, asserts the text, is to worship the good and the divine. At Chilas II archeological site dated to the first half of 1st-century CE in northwest Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border, are engraved two males along with many Buddhist images nearby. [201] A major collection of their works is the Divya Prabandham. The Hathibada Ghosundi Inscriptions, all located in the state of Rajasthan and dated by the modern methodology to the 1st century BCE, mention Saṃkarṣaṇa and Vāsudeva, also mention that the structure was built for their worship in association with the supreme deity Narayana. According to Edwin Bryant, a professor of Indian religions known for his publications on Krishna, "there is little doubt that the Sourasenoi refers to the Shurasenas, a branch of the Yadu dynasty to which Krishna belonged". This was the realization that Krishna had intended to bring about within them from the very beginning. Sri Krishna Janmashtami Krishna Conc… He would rather renounce the kingdom and put down his Gandiv (Arjuna's bow). Other scholars disagree that the Krishna mentioned along with Devaki in the ancient Upanishad is unrelated to the later Hindu god of the Bhagavad Gita fame. II. 285–301, Crowley associated Krishna with Roman god, International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, "Reflections on the Relation Between Religion and Modern Rationalism", "Charisma and Religious Innovation:Prabhupada and the Founding of ISKCON", Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2008 revision), Emergence of Viṣṇu and Śiva Images in India: Numismatic and Sculptural Evidence, "Emergence of Viṣṇu and Śiva Images in India: Numismatic and Sculptural Evidence". [43][46] The Heliodorus pillar inscription is a private religious dedication of Heliodorus to "Vāsudeva", an early deity and another name for Krishna in the Indian tradition. [239], The story of Krishna occurs in the Jataka tales in Buddhism. In conventional nondual Vedanta, all reality is interconnected and one, the Bhagavata posits that the reality is interconnected and plural. [157] Madhvacharya, a Hindu philosopher whose works led to the founding of Haridasa sect of Vaishnavism,[158] presented Krishna in the framework of dualism (Dvaita). The eighteen chapters of the sixth book (Bhishma Parva) of the epic that constitute the Bhagavad Gita contain the advice of Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield. Note: SVSN chanting will start after the Sri Ganapathi Homa is completed *Friday, 1st January, 2021 – Sri Vishnu Sahasra Naama Paarayana - Margashira Maasa* US & Canada Time Zones: 11:00AM EDT, 10:00AM CDT, 9:00AM MDT, 8:00 AM PDT [39], Around 180 BCE the Indo-Greek king Agathocles issued some coinage bearing images of deities that are now interpreted as being related to Vaisnava imagery in India. [52][43][53], The Heliodorus inscription is not isolated evidence. The philosophy of the Bhagavata is a mixture of Vedanta terminology, Samkhyan metaphysics, and devotionalized Yoga praxis. The artwork also has an inscription with it in Kharosthi script, which has been deciphered by scholars as Rama-Krsna, and interpreted as an ancient depiction of the two brothers Balarama and Krishna. For example, Archer states that the coincidence of the two names appearing together in the same Upanishad verse cannot be dismissed easily. [241][76] For example, the Buddhist legend describes Devagabbha (Devaki) to have been isolated in a palace built upon a pole after she is born, so no future husband could reach her. In each age of the Jain cyclic time is born a Vasudeva with an elder brother termed the Baladeva. ", While the Buddhist Jataka texts co-opt Krishna-Vasudeva and make him a student of the Buddha in his previous life,[246] the Hindu texts co-opt the Buddha and make him an avatar of Vishnu. Visit the post for more. The Jain texts state that Neminatha taught Krishna all the wisdom that he later gave to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. Pâṇ. [30], The name "Krishna" originates from the Sanskrit word Kṛṣṇa, which is primarily an adjective meaning "black", "dark", "dark blue" or “the all attractive”. [75] The texts of Jainism mention these tales as well, also with many peculiarities and different versions, in their legends about Tirthankaras. Swaminarayan, the founder of the Swaminarayan Sampraday, also worshipped Krishna as God himself. [185], All Vaishnava traditions recognise Krishna as the eighth avatar of Vishnu; others identify Krishna with Vishnu, while traditions such as Gaudiya Vaishnavism,[186][187] Vallabha Sampradaya and the Nimbarka Sampradaya regard Krishna as the Svayam Bhagavan, the original form of Lord or the same as the concept of Brahman in Hinduism. Among the most common names are Mohan "enchanter"; Govinda "chief herdsman",[33] Keev "prankster", and Gopala "Protector of the 'Go'", which means "Soul" or "the cows". A note on language: Whether written as “shri” or “sri”, the word is an Indian honorific denoting a great guru.

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