Bluetooth Stack & Profile

A&W Stack & Profile is a complete Bluetooth software stack, Bluetooth profile and Application framework for customer’s Bluetooth…
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Bluetooth PhoneLink is a complete embedded software solution connecting a mobile phone with car’s infotainment systems to perform task including answering…
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Cordless Phones

Connect to Bluetooth enabled cellular phones to make and receive cellular calls with the ease and comfort of a home phone system. Avoid the mad dash to catch…
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Bluetooth Audio

A&W offers flexible and cost effective total solution package for developers without sacrificing Bluetooth PhoneLink’s full rich features like handsfree…
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Bluetooth PhoneLink Connection

A&W’s major core business is providing Bluetooth Phone Connection solutions for industries such as Cars (GPS Navigation, Car Audio, Car Kits, Speakerphones), Phones (DECT, VOIP), Consumer Electronics (Hi-Fi Systems, Speakers, iPod/iPhone docking stations), Computers (PC, Tablets).
We provide a comprehensive Bluetooth phone connectivity and extensive features from handsfree (call in / call out, 3 way call), data transfer (Phonebook Download, SMS Download, Music & Video Files, etc…), multipoint connection, music streaming, internet connectivity (Tethering, DUN/PAN), wide band speech among other Bluetooth functionalities. Supporting with currently over 1,300 popular mobile phones worldwide offering the best interoperability in the Bluetooth industry.

Bluetooth Stack & Profile

A&W Stack & Profile is a comprehensive Bluetooth software stack, Bluetooth profile and Application structure which is portable, compact and scalable ideal for embedded devices. The A&W Stack & Profile as a result contributes to a smaller, better, cost-effective and easily maintained embedded Bluetooth products at a lower development cost and time to market.

About A&W Technology Corp

Founded in 2000, A&W has consistently devoted itself to developing multimedia and wireless connection technologies in the software arena. With its vision of a world where people get closer and share more, A&W has set a clear and simple goal: Connecting multimedia for mobile lifestyles!