DECT Phone

Make and receive landline and cellular calls

Connect to Bluetooth® enabled cellular phones to make and receive cellular calls with the ease and comfort of a home phone system. Avoid the mad dash to catch your cellular call before it goes to voicemail.

A&W PhoneLink offers the best connectivity between mobile phone and DECT Phone System. Currently supports more than 2,000 mobile phones with the best interoperability in the industry. A new revolutionary way to answer and make mobile phone calls through DECT Phone System.

Key feature and benefits :

Phonebook Download

Offers the world’s best phonebook download mechanism from your mobile phone to DECT Phone System. Transfer all your mobile phone contacts to DECT  Phone System via Bluetooth® with ease and there’s no need to key it in manually.


Make or receive mobile phone calls through any DECT handset stationed in the house. Initiate three-way call with the same DECT handset.

Handsfree Gateway

Create a wireless connectivity between DECT Phone and Bluetooth® headset.


Connect up to 7 different mobile phones to DECT base station at the same time. Make and receive call one at a time.


Make or receive 2 mobile phone calls simultaneously with 2 separate DECT handsets.

SMS Alert

Receive a notification on DECT handset to audibly alert users when they receive SMS text messages on their mobile phone.

Call History

Download and sync call history (received calls, missed calls, dialed calls) between DECT Phone and Mobile Phone.

Interoperability Testing

Offers the best mobile phone interoperability testing with more than 2,000 Bluetooth® mobile phones in our test laboratory.

Smallest Footprint

A&W PhoneLink has the smallest and flexible footprint to fit in customer’s available memory storage.


A&W PhoneLink is designed for easy migration with any operating systems such as DSPG (Scorpion), Linux, uITRON, etc…